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BARTI - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research & Training Institute (BARTI)
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research & Training Institute (BARTI), Pune, is one of leading government agencies in Maharashtra implementing skills development programs, had empanelled Future Sharp Skills Limited to execute 1 month Retail Skill Program in Maharashtra for Schedule Caste candidates of age group 18 – 24 yrs. This program focuses on achieving retail excellence and defines a career path for the underprivileged youth of our country realize their potential in customer facing role in Retail.

Name: Chaitali Kamble
Village Name: Tung village, Sangli, Maharashtra
Education: FYBA Employed at: CCD
Story: Chailtali came from rural poor family. Her father works at a pvt company as clerk. It was difficult to meet ends sometimes as college expense and household are not affordable. Her dream was to get good job to support my father to keep my family happy and healthy. Before the training program I had no confidence to take up this kind of job but training helped me become more confident and face any problem at ease and solve it.

Name: Yogesh Rajmane
Village Name: - Mhaisal Sangli
Employed at: CCD Yogesh’s father worked for hospital as a watchman. It was difficult to run a family of 5 members and fulfilling the needs. He wanted to support his father in fulfilling needs of his family. This program accomplish his desire to support his father. He wants to grow in the organization and earn more and more and keep his family happy.

Name: Kabir Done
Village Name: - Mhaisal Sangli Education: BA
Employed at: CCD Story: Kabir came from a very poor family background as his father was sole bread earner working as a mason on daily wages. One day if his father does not go on work then it was difficult for them to have food. Seeing this family condition and not getting job anywhere, Kabir was all frustrated. He feared whether he would get a job in future, But after successfully completing training and getting job immediately turned his life around. Today he has no fear whatsoever and thanks Future Learning.

Name: Geeta Kamble
Village Name: Bedag, Sangli, Maharashtra Education: B.A passed
Employed at: CCD
Story: Geeta came from poor agriculture family. Her father workedon daily wages. She had 2 siblings younger to her. Training program enabled her to dream. Her dream is to earn good to support her father and grow in career. Training program made her confident and realize her hidden qualities and got in forefront to deal with life at more ease.

Name: Pradeep Bhandare
Village Name: Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra Education: 11th Class
Employed at: CCD
Story: Pradeep came from rural poor family. His father works as COBLER with a responsibility of 4 children and a wife. Post training Pradeep became ambitious and wants to be Team Leader soon.

Name: Gautami Kamble
Village Name: Arag , sangli, Maharashtra Education: B.A
Employed at: CCD
Story: Gautami comes from a poor agriculture family struggling to meet daily family requirement. Gautami never wanted to do household jobs but work in office. This opportunity actually fulfilled his dream to work in environment she wanted to be in. Training program enabled her to be more ambitious as today her aim is to become team leader soon.