ISO 29990:2010 Certified


Corporate India has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, sweeping across major sectors – creating a huge demand for competent and industry- ready talent with well-rounded professional exposure. Future Learning’s Education Vertical works towards building Strategic Alliances with reputed Academic Institutions, with an objective to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry. Our aim is to redefine learning and transform lives and be synonymous with quality education of world class standards in Retail (Education / Academics) and making Retail a preferred career choice for young minds.

We work with an objective to provide innovative, technically sound training to students seeking a career in retail/ supply chain management and to fill industry’s shortage of skilled & employment ready professionals.

what Seva is?

Seva is a conscious decision to be of service/help to another person without any expectations of acknowledgement, praise, monetary rewards or other benefits. It could be as easy as offering a glass of water or as difficult as helping with a crisis faced either by a customer or a fellow employee.