ISO 29990:2010 Certified

future group

As one of India’s retail pioneers with multiple retail formats, Future Group connects a diverse and passionate community of Indian buyers, sellers and businesses. The collective impact on business is staggering: Around 330 million customers walk into its stores each year and choose products and services supplied by over 30,000 small, medium and large entrepreneurs and manufacturers from across India. And this number is set to grow. Future Group employs over 40,000 people directly from every section of our society. It sources its supplies from enterprises across the country, creating fresh employment, impacting livelihoods, empowering local communities and fostering mutual growth. Operating through more than over 18.5 million square feet of retail space, Future Group serves customers in 244 cities across the country. Most of all, we help India shop, save and realize dreams and aspirations to live a better quality of life every day.

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