ISO 29990:2010 Certified

Market Linkages

We at Future Sharp Skills work towards Creating Sustainable Livelihoods And Enable Entrepreneurship. We work with organization towards replicating the entire Market Linkages Model as well as partner with Organization and provide expertise on individual elements across the channel; with an core objective of, Economic Empowerment, implementing Farm To Folk Strategy and Rural Entrepreneurship.

FSSL recognises India’s urgent need for scaling up skill development in India, and works towards creating innovative models seeking to generate ‘sustainable livelihoods’, fulfilled either through waged employment, self-employment and micro entrepreneurship. FSSL plays a pivotal role in aggregating market based demand as well as enabling and integrating supply side market linkages towards creating economically sustained enterprises.

Enabling, Energizing and Empowering participants; ensuring an economically vibrant society and a holistic community enrichment is the key philosophy of all FSSL Projects.

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what Seva is?

Seva is a conscious decision to be of service/help to another person without any expectations of acknowledgement, praise, monetary rewards or other benefits. It could be as easy as offering a glass of water or as difficult as helping with a crisis faced either by a customer or a fellow employee.