ISO 29990:2010 Certified
Roshan has won many accolades due to his hard work and customer service. He was awarded “ Best Retail Employee for West” at the TRRAIN awards
Roshan Dongre, 12th pass, SC from Nagpur district, Maharashtra, was a daily wage earner working as a farm laborer along with his father and two brothers. He heard about the Aajeevika NRLM project from his Sarpanch, who believed that Roshan would benefit from this course.

Roshan joined on 11th Oct 2011 at Satara Road Big Bazar and got transfer at Amanora Big Bazar. One day a customer name Mrs. Smita Patel, came for shopping at Amanora Big Bazar, She forgot her bag on the table, Roshan saw that bag and called Mrs.Patel. Mrs. Patel was very shocked because there were some important documents available in that bag which was related to her business and also large amount was in that bag. She became very happy with such a loyalty of Roshan and offered him 200 Rs. for appreciation but Roshan denied that by saying that Sorry Madam, “this is my duty”. Mrs. Patel became happier and gave Roshan her visiting card and said thanks to him. one more incident, Once Mr. Pradip Aher came with his wife for shopping at Amanora Big Bazar.

She was in trail room and suddenly there was noise of someone falling down, Roshan heard that and run towards trial room, and saw that the lady was faint down , Roshan immediately called his staff members and told them attend her by rubbing her palms hand and feet. After some time it came to know that Roshan’s idea had worked and that lady came to conscious. After some time she recovered and thank Roshan by saying that,” He saved her life”. Everyone at the store appreciated his presence of mind and quick reaction to the situation.