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Signature Programs: Bodhi – The Awakeing

We are privileged to present a distinctly unique and exceptional line of Signature Programs - 'Bodhi – The Awakening’. True to our vision, we believe that delving deeper into our roots and looking inwards is essential - to Introspect, Reach within and eventually Resonate. With Bodhi, we explore and revisit ancient wisdom in its various aspects, making it relevant and applicable to modern-day contexts. With a strong value system, faith and beliefs rooted in literary & mythological frameworks – our approach allows every employee to understand, accept and internalize Learning Constructs.


what Seva is?

Seva is a conscious decision to be of service/help to another person without any expectations of acknowledgement, praise, monetary rewards or other benefits. It could be as easy as offering a glass of water or as difficult as helping with a crisis faced either by a customer or a fellow employee.